Welcome to the And.

The innovation ecosystem of the past was focused on product or service, public or private, digital or physical, enterprise or startup. The platform of the future dissolves those silos to bring innovation into collaborative intersections—the AND.

Seven enterprise sectors are focused on three disruptive areas in cooperation with an entire community of public and philanthropic entities:

Health Beyond the Hospital

Quantified Environment, Body and Behavior

Convenience & Productivity

The best startups are looking at working beyond single industries, taking technologies and applying them to substantial, real world problems.

Our edge innovation platform helps you move seamlessly into the AND world, creating outcomes at startup speed.

Welcome to Seamless.

With a hand-selected consortium of enterprise partners and scouts around the world finding cross-sector problem-solving global innovations, we work together to de-risk innovation and build the future with leading-edge startups.

We are not an accelerator or incubator.
We are a connector— creating access to an ecosystem of innovation.

This is how you build the future, seamlessly.